Add graphics options

the game keeps crashing. First thing I tried to do was to dissable useless animations. But there were no options to do anything with the performance.


  • Hi Taissu!

    Sorry to know that you're experiencing crashes. Would you be able to provide me with details on which device you are using? 
  • Iphone 5s
    ios ver 12.3.1.
  • Same problems on iPhone 6. Gets worse after every update. I really like taissu’s suggestion cause I’m pretty sure it is due to the lovely but heavy graphics. 
  • edited September 28
    Treo from the Snowprint art and graphics department joined our Discord server today... you do not need to be in one of our guilds to view our chats and join in discussions... you're all welcome to join our server..

    SPG EB Family 

    Maybe we can help Snowprint work through these issues by sharing info ☺️

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