First the compliment I love the way Underworld works now since the "Upgrade". Very well done! The issue is now I have 8 Idols I can never use. I suppose I should not complain as it is not a bad problem have as problems go. All my Commons are maxed out including Steam Pig and Volt Wrym.  All my Rares are maxed out.  Epic require Vinicite which is not available in the Underworld shop.  I sure it is just an Oversight and Hel just forgot to stock this Rare commodity you know because she is so busy Running the Afterlife.  Can you create some way to combine Idols?  One ring to combine them.  Even if there is cost but not $30 how about something in the $5.00 range?


  • You can buy vinnicite in the "special offers" and they will be soon available in special events.
  • Yea I think it's poor taste to make something only obtained if you spend money. Even if that is a "special offer" while we wait. Otherwise I understand the perspective and position of the devs. I honestly prefer that we be able to purchase from UW or be able to craft these from materials obtained from UW. Not have something more that we need to play in order to maximize growth
  • 12 Idols now.  What else is there to do in the Underworld?  7 Commons and 4 Rares and counting.  I call it my trophy shelf.
  • I don’t need vinnicite the underworld has only given me 1 level 5 idol mold and mostly level 2-4 and I am at chamber 21 in both tiers . By now I was hoping to require some vinnicite 
  • Been taking those low level molds, crafting and dismantling to get the next level cores...  Then I don't have so many to look at or spend the higher token amount for cores.. lol
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    Yup, burning up them Common and Rare materials, they replenish in a couple of days.... also picking up framcite mainly from Guild Shop... 
  • May not be so much in poor taste @Bizzo but just coding needed for the vinnacite to come...  sure am looking forward to the vinnacite!

  • I got 1 lvl 7 mold. Unfortunately I need some stuff that is not available to craft it :(
  • I've got 4 Level 7 epics and 2 Legendaries 6 and 8... yup, avid Underworld fan from the beginning... 

    When the runins hit, Yeehaw!!! Just trying to build my inventory so when the time comes, I'm ready to go.

    Yes, I do use 1 to 3 diamonds for extra turns... usually start UW with the Legendary section, and then move down to Epic... the cost for Epic turns is so much more reasonable.

    It might just be my imagination, but it seems if I play UW, and then hit the free chest I have a higher chance of extra UW passes.. 
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    I don't think it's intentional, I just think the implications of making it only available from a super low drop rate, or with money wasn't well thought out, particularly how it could cause players to feel. That said I look forward to a problem solution that doesn't have me spending more time,on playing another game mode.
  • As far as mold drops go, I've done well and don't have much to complain about other than mold chests being kind of expensive, when I happen to roll a rank 2 idol, that leaves me thinking it wasn't a rewarding experience for my time.
  • 13 and counting let see if there is a limit to the number of low level idols you can have.  It is fun smashing Hel I do not need a reason.   It is annoying to have several Idols  with only 1 missing item
  • We still have a lot of these molds piling up without earning the required material. Same as with the previous version. Can’t you code so cores and other materials are delivered so you can mold at the same pace, I mean all other games I play are designed this way. Having a huge amount of some resources is useless if you make the others to combine far too expensive. I can buy some PC games to enjoy hundreds or hours of gaming for the price of few idols which will not make a big difference on the gameplay. What’s the point ?
  • I am up to 19 idols made that I can't use for one reason or another.  6 common, 7 rare, 6 epic.  You get no control over what mold you get,  other than it some kind of epic.  I do have epic creatures without idols. In real life if I was in the market for a mold would I not have the choice of what mold I got not just leave it up to chance.  There is lot of stuff we just do in this game because daily chests.  It is even more annoying when the stuff can't be used. Trading it in doesn't make any sense because I still zero control over what mold I get  
  • The best way to go about this is to make the idol and then dismantle it, you will get cores the next level higher than what you dismantled. This makes unneeded/unused idol molds more valuable than they used to be and actually have a purpose.
  • So far I have still creatures without idols. When I run out of places to put them, then I will start dismantling some to get better cores. Especially legendary cores are really expensive.
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