Boss Arena

  Hi I would like to see the boss arena come back and maybe instead of having a 24 hour time limit to beat each boss the developers could  make it more like the  underworld  with no time limit but a limited number of attacks a day .  And make the bosses much more difficult to beat and of course with better rewards .  I think it would be fun to have a boss arena that is a combination of the underworld and the guild dungeons  with out time limit .  That way each individual player can defeat the bosses  at their own rate without missing out on loot just because they have weaker creatures .  Let me know what you guys think . Thanks 


  • From what I have heard, the boss arena is coming back. There were rumors out there that it wasn't coming back, but I have been assured that is not the case. I don't know if there are plans to change it or not, I imagine there will be updates to it, as they devs have been systematically updating all game modes.
  • I would love to have the boss arena back. I didn't find the bosses easy to defeat. I managed a boss or two in maybe a month of playing. Somehow I never found the right strategy, but I still loved to play in the boss arena.
  • I’d love to see this mode come back. Perhaps with a fourth boss from Helheim included too. Then each one could be rarity gated (with a fifth boss added for mythical creatures when world 5 comes out).

    We’re gonna need somewhere else to get molds from once Underworld levels become too hard to complete...
  • How about also having an international guild boss event once a month where guild chest rewards based on total amount damage per guild  which all participating guild members receive?  With a max reward for all range level of damage cuz the point is not being first but just participation and guild building. 
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