“Final Attack” doesn’t do anything.

Once the bout is won, the game says “final attack” and streams
of color move across the enemy side destroying much of what is left after the portal (or whatever) has been destroyed. It would be nice if this actually meant something, like you get the rewards in the pots it destroys or the creature crate, etc when this happens. Otherwise there’s no point to it. Why not make it mean something or turn it into a micro-game where you can do something else, like tapping the screen on those targets while this is happening, in order to increase the chance of destroying those targets and getting some extra loot. Otherwise, just remove the “final attack” wording because it’s misleading. 


  • Make it do something or remove it altogether, it slows down the game.
  • I also had this idea for the uncollected loot, but mostly for the treasure gnome.
  • On the treasure gnome we should be able to play out all our turns to earn as much loot as possible instead of being cut off once we meet the requirement to win the level. 
  • Noticed this effect awhile back when i was effected by a bug that made the game crash on level 63. So, all i had for gains with energy were replaying level 27 cause it had two pots that gave gems, for the lowest cost of energy. If you beat the level before breaking the pots, you didnt get anything. Initially my thoughts were along the lines of artifical difficulty by forcing rewards for possible risk in collecting extra goods, its not a terrible idea, but i dont really care for it myself. If you win, you should get all the goods, maybe some modes can have extra rewards for risk, but otherwise i agree.
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