Marketplace to sell/exchange gems, mold, crafting materials, etc.

With the new updates up and running it looks great except for one thing. It would be great to have a marketplace where you can sell excess or unwanted items such as gems, crafting materials, moulds, idols, etc. This feature is available in most of the games and would be a good addition to this game as well and is quite necessary as well.


  • This is an excellent idea: just what I was going to suggest myself!
  • Id like to see a few boundries set with an option like this. No trades amongst same ip users. No ingame resources for real money.
  • This is exactly why I signed up.  We need to have an option for gems of creatures that are maxed out. We are earning gems we cannot use (as well as it says there is a potential for upgrade when there isn’t) ie no rank up on tusker, but I have 474/3075 gems. I agree with setting boundaries as suggested by Bizzo. (As a complete side note, it’s really wacky to me that I can use punctuation and emoticons here 🤪)
  • Mitglieder gesucht...

    Wir sind eine Top 500 Gilde und suchen noch Verstärkung...
    Wir spielen jeden Tag und steigen jede Saison weiter auf...
    Also kommt - wir sind eine rein deutschsprachige Gilde und haben noch 4-5 Plätze frei...
    Hier sind unsere Screenshots von unserer Gilde...

    Wir warten auf Euch.... 😎👍
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