Hero Arena strange Player (HULTIS)

Dear Mark Hawk.

Please check Player HULTIS from Guild Sveridge. Before He is at level 18. At present level 19.

He can finish Helheim in 1.5 days cause I inform him few days ago regarding new update. Then he played it. Mean he uses Diamonds to reset the world game.But in the same time he also compete with me in Hero Arena.I knew he use Lucky of Guild German Raiders as Poin makers.

The crazy thing. I play 24 hours continuosly even use up to reset 100 per 1 reset. Total 20+40+60+80+100=300 diamonds straight from the beginning of Season in Hero Arena. Hultis did not play continusly. Just now (2:30 AM in the morning) He surpass me again with 15 poin (Mean 5 times reset).He use around than 240 diamonds per reset per day. 20+40+60+80+100+120+140+160+180+200+220+240= 1560 diamonds per day?????ABSURD.

That is not including the diamonds he use to reset HELHEIM few days ago

Maybe He is a Cheater. But please check him for me.

Thanks I really apreciated.


  • Strange, Hultis did not use 3 Free Atk in Hero Arena before Computer reset time. Also after I played 50 minutes to make same poin with Hultis (3126) and the world. Hultis still not active. Means he only use insanely Diamonds power (More than 1560 diamonds a day).

    Another fact is Normally if you use too much diamonds in Hero Arena. Computer going crazy to beat us at least 1 out of 3 times. So using diamonds also create more trouble.

    It is also mean, if Hultis lost. He will use more than reset 240 diamonds (1560 diamonds). Absurd

  • Please check 2 pictures above. 1st picture taken 7 hours 19 minutes before Reset. Hultis got 3144 poins. SaintRaiderz got 3148 poins.

    2nd picture taken 3 hours 16 minutes before Reset. Hultis got 3190 poin. SaintRaiderz got 3150 poins.

    SaintRaiderz: Accidentally lost 1 fight cause sleepy fight. Only get 2 poins of 4 hours. MATCH Calculation.

    Hultis: 3190 - 3144 = 46 poins minus 4 poins for 4 hours normal play. He got 42 poins through RESET.42 poins mean 13 times Reset without never losing any battles.Diamonds use:20(1 reset) + 40(2) + 60(3) + 80(4) + 100(5) + 120(6) + 140(7) + 160(8) + 180(9) + 200(10) + 220(11) + 240(12) + 260(13 reset) = Total 1820 Diamonds.

    So please check Hultis ID Account in 1 month period. If you can find Him purchased more than 6800 diamonds then He is the real Player. Good for you and I salute for Rich Hultis.

    But if not then leave him be for now to believe his early Glory. And kick him in the end.

    That is my final report. Write you since 4:10AM in my country time. I am so sleepy. Thanks for reading dear Mark Hawk / Raine / Journeyman117

    Note: I have send you the pictures through Facebook. I do not know to attach pictures in here. ^_^

  • Dear Raine.

    Thanks for the info that Hultis did buy a lot of Diamonds. Really appreciated

    Dear Hultis (If you read these)

    I am sorry to think you are a cheater. Actually you are so dedicated to get the Champion of Light in Hero Arena even to use massive amount of diamonds. Once again sorry to doubt you. Great job, Hultis.

  • Thank you Sutopo for being so vigilent! We need to keep the cheaters out of the game to make sure we all get a fair fight!

    Hultis, if you're out there... GOD SPEED



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