Why do we have less content now?

Let me start by saying that changing the materials you need to grind for, 
changing how skills are unlocked, or how upgrades work is NOT new content.

The latest patch has made several game modes a waste of time.
The underworld needing over 100 battles to buy 1 core (with 4 needed for an idol will take 3 months just for the cores and much more is needed)
The hero arena and challenge rewards are so low they are practically unworthy putting time in.

On top of that, my favourite game mode which is the weekly big bosses are gone!

Less rewards, higher costs and less actuall game modes.

My overall feeling of this is far from positive and I'm struggling to find motivation to keep grinding.

What is other players opinion on this?

I used to love this game immensely and I feel like changes have been made for the worse.


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