Several Game Crashes

Seems like a memory or processing issue.  I’m on an iPad Mini 2, 32gb, iOS v12.4.  Crashes at least 5 times every time I attempt to play.  Like a previous poster, it occurs when opening multiple chests, it occurs occasionally while in a battle, and when attempting to upgrade my collections.  It’s probably because I’m on an older iPad, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  I enjoy the game, but I think it probably uses way too many resources than my device can handle.


  • iPad Mini 2 may have issues to run the game since it's getting a it old after 6 years and the 1GB RAM just about enough to be able to rund the game. 
    Make sure you have at least 2GB of free memory and try with reinstalling the app.

    It helps in most cases on older iPads.

    If it doesn't help, then I can only recommend to play on a newer iPad. iPad Mini 4 or newer or iPad Air 2 or newer model that have 2GB of RAM instead of 1 GB as the older models. 
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