Summoner keys

Probably a stupid question, but what arenthe summoner keys for?


  • I appreciate it too, I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out what those keys were for. Would it be wise to continue stock piling diamonds and then just open up summoner's chests when you meet the key requirement?
  • I am a bit confused with the keys.   When I look at the legendary chest, it says I have 800/1000 keys.    I cannot seem to get any info from the grand chest to see how close I am to opening that one.   However, when playing on the campaign field (in the last world), the accumulated keys were showing a different total and when looking back at the legendary chest, the numbers had not changed.  I appreciate any clarity.
  • Oh dear.   An edit to my above post.    I meant the mythical chest, not the legendary one.
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    If you click on the 450💎 button by the grand chests, it will show you how many keys you have (just as it does for the summoner chests.
    The keys you are collecting from the last world are grand keys, not mythical. I don’t think you can farm mythical keys anywhere at the moment, but I could be wrong. Mostly, you seem to get them from some of the shops or, if you are lucky, from chests.
  • Thank you for your quick reply.   That helps in knowing for which chest I am collecting as I thought it was the mythical one.    My confusion with viewing the numbers was that on the 3 lower chests, I could tap anywhere in the frame of the image for it to change to an information screen but the Grand chest did not and I did not want to purchase it in error.

    thanks again.
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