Upgrade is unwelcome

I spent time and money to upgrade characters that are now weak. I appreciate improvements but not an end over end topple of status. 


  • Making idols which are very limited as compared to before is toooooo cumbersome and time consuming. Very few 10 years olds (age requirement to play game) will be able to figure how to mold an idol. Need to simplify by allowing players to go to exact drop down box of materials required with amount they have on hand and ability to obtain necessary materials all on same specific idol drop down box.
  • Why I cannot sort the guilds per countries. The flags sorting not working  after update.
    For what you give the boxes with the 🔑. Where we have to youse this stupid keys? WITH EVERY UPDATE YOU MAKE THE GAME WORSE. Shame on 😖.
  • Same thing happens to us: the guilds appear to us mixed, that is to say of every state ... How come? If we click on International we only see those, how strange 
  • The hero arena is worse ridiculous I only play 2 to get my daily. I got beat by a 15th level character in 3 straight games in the Hero challenge.  I was 21st level before the update. I would have wiped him 3 games straight before the update.  Something is seriously wrong with your calculation
  • The creatures are way unballanced!! Fighting at the hero arena is almost imposibles
  • I like most of the update, like 98% of it. The minor complaints i do have are all changeable anyway. Ill order them from most to least complainable.
    1. Idols are super grindy, and a huge time investment.
    2. Lockout timers in Treasure caves are extremely long, and punishing.
    3. Rewards for Arena seem subpar, especially after the changes to chests, ill continue to work on it, for now. It just seems subpar for time investment, and for the amount of players who cleary are or were (prior to update), playing well beneath their capabilities. Its either an abuse to the ranking system, or a flaw in design. The redeem market for Arena isnt even that good, making the overall playability of this mode poor time investment.
  • OK so I have spent so much money upgrading characters ...then the update.  Which is made it almost impossible to get your daily quest chest..  don’t even get me started on  heroes arena..  why  put you against people who were way above you in order to get anything ...at least keep you in the same level so you have a semi chance of getting something because seriously I cannot get past T1 .  And the fact that all of my upgrades prior to the updates and now they are in the crapper 
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