Can't Upgrade Creatures

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After the update, I'm trying to upgrade Grimchop to level 2 and it says I don't have enough gold even though I have nearly 7k gold.


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    Here is a screenshot.
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    I am also seeing the same error on Grimchop level 3 full gems, can't upgrade to level 4. 

    Update: Now fixed for me.  Thanks!
  • A fix is on the way!
    This should be fixed soon if the fix haven't yet reached your game. 
  • Hi, i use an iPhone 5 and for the new bonus i can not change for  anything, it shows things over each other and i can not select anything so i can not obtain new characters and get gems
  • iPhone 5 may have issues to run the game since it's getting a it old after 7 years. 
    Make sure you have at least 2GB of free memory and try with reinstalling the app.

    It helps in most cases on outdated devices, but if not, then I can only recommend to play on an iPhone 7 or a newer iPhone since they are able to run the latest iOS and have more capacity to run this game. 
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