Hero Challange & Shop - another King Fxup

That the HC & Shop aren’t there is hardly news to you King but very much news to me. So, in the spirit of the “transparency” that you so hard are trying to introduce, I expect information about my earned points and how I’ll be compensated.

When you’re already on the explanations; why is the gem slot for my Raven Master extended from 410 to 680? 

You do realise that not all of your players are 13 or otherwise have time to follow your random updates in the forums? 

I am a paying customer and unless you provide me with a clear overview of how my money is used for a benefit for me as a player, I will of course require reimbursement. 


  • I also want to know what happens to my HC coins. I was planning on earning some more points today to get a dust chest. Guess that is out of the question now. I hope the HC comes back. I like it.
  • Don't get me started Hägar...

    I hope King owns the product and will just get rid of Snowprint, Ekvall, Malmqvist & c/o and engage people who actually understand the concept of fun!
    These never-ending explanations about complications are tedious.

    It's not brain surgery you're performing here Snowprint! It's an f-ing mobile phone game!
    Just fix it already!
    You are selling BORING right now.
  • Check your Dungeons timer... update is supposed to be released before the beginning of the next season... the countdown clock is on!  lol
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    Hoping to subtract a couple of days from that timer... will need some time to spend the conversion currency and work on my new strategy 🤓
  • For those of you not familiar with navigating the Forum, let me give you a little insight... there are players who are testing the new update... they had to sign non-disclosure agreements and are called Ambassadors.  The purpose of the Ambassadors is to help explain the ins and outs of the revamp.

    I've been watching the Discussions, See More, and the leaders in that list.  If there weren't so many agrees, likes and lol's, I'd be a little concerned about the pending update.  Watching the Discussions leaders, I am looking forward to having as much fun as they are... lol
  • You do realise that a player shouldn't even be bothered with this @zzzz?

    A YEAR after the release, this game is still under development!

    Obviously Snowprint didn't keep their development deadline and were forced to release an unfinished product because they costed too much. Now every player is paying for their incompetence.

     I hope that the past year's farce has had negative impact on the King brand and reputation, because pressure from above is the only way these developers will get a grip and start delivering quality.

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    Chouchou said:

    ...........why is the gem slot for my Raven Master extended from 410 to 680? 


    Reply :---- i think the gem slot rising from 410 to 680 is because you might have upgraded your raven master from level6 to level7
    or have all the three gems slots already filled up and waiting to upgrade.

    All rares at level 6 require 410 gems per slot,
    all rares at level 7 require 680 gems per slot.

    I hope this point is clear :blush:

  • @JackSinghBOA
    Thanks for clearing that up.  Do you know if these level/gem amounts are documented somewhere?


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    i dont know if those are documented somewhere but i just cleared it from my creatures roster. @fullonmac @Chouchou--Please check out the next picture to clear your doubts
  • Holy cow -- the vitriol in this thread is a bit much. You all have NO IDEA what is taking place behind the scenes. Yes I get you are frustrated that things are not occurring at the moment you want it to happen, BUT, things are happening, big things, behind the scenes right now (as they have been for MONTHS). And seriously @Chouchou and @Hägar you want King to take over development? So what, we get 30th reiteration of the same, boring Candy Crush format -- yikes! Finally Snowprint has brought something wholly different and unique to the King lineup that actually requires some critical thinking and strategy, and is not the same old exhausting 1000s of levels of matching 3 colors in a row. That being said, yes, there were some serious issues LoS, and it WAS getting rather repetitious. BUT, that's why there have been so many changes, and the biggest one is about to drop on all of us any day now. Snowprint has a talented and experienced team of developers who have a vision and they are seeing that vision through to fruition. Granted, the first run had plenty of issues and wasn't where it needed to be, so they are fixing it. As a result, yes, the game is still in development a year later, but that's a good thing, and it's not due to incompetence. It's rather easy to sit on the consumer side and lob insults at the developers, especially when one is ignorant of what actually goes into making and running a game of this magnitude. If you only knew, perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to attack. So just be patient, and I feel rather confident you will be pleased with the new update that is about to rollout. And if you don't like it, stop putting money into it and move along -- no one is forcing you to play.
  • @LiquidMinstral Wait a second. I didn't lob any insults at anyone. I just asked a question about my HC coins and stated that I hope they bring HC back because I like it. I was a bit disappointed that HC vanished without anyone getting a warning. I work in software test and I can imagine exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Been there done that and got the sleepless nights.
  • @LiquidMinstral, I agree in part with your reply, but the ending seems just harsh. That's not expected from you at least.
    Anyways I think that the players are just concerned about how the changes will affect the overall game. 
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    @Hägar You are right, I should not have included you in that reply and I apologize.
    HC is coming back for sure, and your coins will remain intact. All aspects of the game will be back up and running after the update, and should be better than ever.

    @JackSinghBOA I get what you are saying, but I was speaking the truth in response to a lot of people being overly angry and frustrated without taking the time to think about what's taking place from the other side.
  • You will not please everyone. I was just disappointed that HC vanished without any message. I came here to see if I could figure out if it was just me and then saw all the messages about the big update. I get why people are angry and I don't like the language people are using in a public forum. They could voice their anger without resorting to that kind of language.
  • That's exactly why my tone was a little more than it should have been ;)
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