1. How do I acquire idol molds, other than the Boss Fight, because it is now 1200 points to take them down, and this last go around, they kept taking me out in two hits, whilst I was only scoring 60 to 80 points by end of the round. And now that it costs 100 diamonds to continue, the entire event was not worth it.

2. How do I see the inventory of the idol crafting pieces, that I have in storage. I see where I am winning them, but cannot find where the inventory is stored. I have been fighting Hel everyday, since the update.

3. Other than the Boss Arena reconfiguring increases, the diamond continue cost, the reduction of the diamonds awarded in Heroes Arena, and the increase of time vefore renewed life in the Heroes Arena, I like the new update.

Cpt. Robert Christian


  • Hi Robert,

    Thanks for providing feedback for the Solgard update.

    I've forwarded your post to the good guys in the Game Studio so they can have a look at the numbers.

    I've seen other players mentioning issues with Idol crafting and we might look into how we can make the feature more clear and useful.

    - Mark

  • Mark Hawk,


    You know I love this game, I have been playing this game, since version 0.9.0 but...

    I have some more questions;

    Why did the developers increase the Hero's Arena time for a new battle chance from 10 minutes to 1 hour?

    Why did the developers reduce the amount of diamonds won in the Hero's Arena from 30 to 10?

    Why did the developers increase the amount of diamonds to "reset" from;

    5 and up - Hero's Arena 

    25 and up - Boss Arena

    To 100 diamonds for everything, but the Underworld.

    Why has the Boss's Damage per hit increased from 18 to 23?

    And why is the Boss Dungeon ending my game, with points left on my life, after I score 200+ in my attack? 

    I like some of the new parts, Hel's Underworld is somewhat fun. The 60k gold for 4500 in diamonds is nice. But the decreases, the no new levels, oh and me having to face Grimbash in the Bounty Hunting area, with having no information of her attacks or how to counter them, was not cool.

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