#BOZQH- Looking for level 20+ player

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Must have a decent dungeon team (level 6+ creatures), play / donate daily and able to follow guild chat strategies.

BeDazzled (# BOZQH) is an english speaking international guild, placed 57 last season. Buffs: 5 HP, 3% Crit, 4% block and 1 sun burst.

Discord participation is optional.


  • We help each other out 
  • Still looking for one active player 
  • that's it, it looks like we have to bring out the secret weapon: WE HAVE COOKIES !!
  • Don't be tempting me with those cookies 😜. What flavor??? 
  • Chocolate chips ones - the triple kind! What else? :awesome:
  • Very tempting.. lol. My Crew is bribing me with ribs.  They know my weaknesses.. lol

    If there's a player out there wanting to join a fun group, your guild is definitely a step in the right direction... lol

    Hey Ash, can I get some cookies for the referral : )
  • Plus your buffs are good 5341!
  • Hey besides great buffs, don't y'all have some great bbq recipes you might be willing to share if someone joins?  
  • AshAsh
    edited July 2019
    Lol I was hoping the cookies will do the trick but if we _really_ have to, one of the guildies is willing to share his BBQ secrets !

    So come and join us but bring your own beer ;)
  • We are not affiliated with Zzzzz and LiquidMinstral.  This is an independent guild and we enjoy our independenc, but we stay informed and inform each other of pending game changes. We are somewhat competitive players and have fun trying to beat the other guilds. Come, take the plunge.  Lets beat the other guilds and the guild boss together. 
  • Hi @Bedazzle ,

    I truly appreciate all the hard work and efforts your Crew has done to maintain a full team with happy, chatty players.  While your Crew is not a part of the EB Community, I believe that going without one player for more than one day really hurts the Leaderboard status.

    Went out recruiting and to say hello to friends today to get some feedback on the latest update... kind of grim out there with quite a former guilds happy to stay small now going inactive.   Lost last season's reward chest, and will probably lose tomorrow's Dungeons chest, but it's important to me to keep a pulse on the Solgard community.

    While we would someday like to be at the top of the Leaderboard, the EB Community is more about bringing players together with a true love and passion for Solgard.  We are riding these updates storms together, and hope to see sunshine, flowers and the end of the rainbow in our futures.  You know there's supposed to be lots of gold at the end of the rainbow... lol

    Hope you don't mind my recommending players to join y'all.  If you weren't so passionate, I wouldn't be recommending players to your guild.  Keeping my fingers crossed you get that 20th team member very soon, your Crew deserves to be 20 strong, even if you aren't part of the EB Community : )
  •  My unconfirmed concern Zzzzz is that you have plants in other people guilds that throw in the fight(do not play to their max potential) to allow whatever guild Zzzzz and LiquidMinistrel deem worthy to rise to top.  So you have substantiated and legitimized my suspicion.   Solgard would be more fun if guilds were competitive (not collaborative(collaboration should be within their respective guilds)) among themselves. Forum would also be a place for fun jovial smack talk among the guilds in their challenges to one another. This is the way to solidify Solgard and Solgardians. 
  • Your suspicions are unfounded.  You'll probably never get it that I'm just a very nice person.

    You are entitled to your feelings, even if there is no truth to it.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, I will stop posting in support of your guild.  So disappointed, was only trying to be helpful.  In order to keep Solgard alive, it is important for players to come together and figure it out.

    I'm just a true Solgard fan that wants the game to be around for a long time to come.
  • Guild plants?!? lol .. if I want to keep Solgard going why on Earth would I do something crazy like that... you sure seem to come up with some pretty devious and counterproductive concepts.  Just don't quite understand you at all.  
  • The issue is not player personality of niceties, the issue is the guilds at the top do not need to spend money to advance their minions cuz they are racking in the rewards by the bushel full. The top guilds never change. Always the same. People are self serving and as such, better to keep the little people down so they remain at the top.  Zzzz thanks for your help, but please stay out.  I am an independent soul and my guild prefers to do our own hard work of recruiting.   It is just another challenge and keeps game interesting- meeting new folks. 

    PS: most of us have played several multiple players games in past so do not need your soap box.  Everyone’s reason for playing this game varies, but we all are dedicated to keeping it going just by staying on and playing. Cheers!
  • Promise to not go where I am not welcome.  When you post nice comments, they are enjoyable and fun.  Thank you for those.

    You wrongful accusations such as the Fairy Tail post and mine, dang, that's twice now. To attempt to drag others through the mud because your guild has not achieved the top of the Leaderboard.....

    Hmm...maybe you should consider going after what seems to be the underlying issue... there really hasn't been much of a change in the top of the Dungeons leaderboar.  No finger pointing and negativity might get you a whole lot further.
  • Bedazzle said:
     My unconfirmed concern Zzzzz is that you have plants in other people guilds that throw in the fight(do not play to their max potential) to allow whatever guild Zzzzz and LiquidMinistrel deem worthy to rise to top.

    Yup, unconfirmed & a load of codswallop! 

    If you're going to make accusations/smear people & guilds, provide some evidence.  
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