When is level 5 going to be available...

The game is getting repetitive... The guilds r the same wait to fight the same few bosses... There's no way to really achieve experience points... Underworld gives u nothing... Hero arena sucks... The ai allows you to win when they feel like it... Then everything costs diamonds which u don't ever receive... It was fun when there were levels u cud play... I'm about to uninstall 


  • Good luck on this one. We have been waiting for 6 months for an answer to this.
  • With all the depleted economies in Treasure Caves, Bounties and Campaign, Frozen should be the #1 priority.

    Noticed I haven't posted any new ideas in quite a while... don't want to distract the developers from working on Frozen, and yes, the world after Frozen.

    Players have experienced different bugs from the recent updates, which is leading to them leaving the game.  That, and boredom.

    Please put all your efforts into Frozen.  I really would like to see something new.  No more round and round we go, and even worse yet when you get off the merry-go-round you end up back at square one.

  • on Frozen!  

    I am sooooooo ready to see a new Campaign level!!
  • Question "Answered".... nope, not yet, not even given a clue.  Surely even a clue would be nice.
  • Well I am getting tired of waiting.  Getting rid of app
  • Hey ! See the new update maybe it  will give you some clues and insights about FROZEN ! 
  • Not that I have noticed. I couldn't find a clue...
  • Amazingly they found time to invest in something that could have waited ... always make more levels before you improve characters that way when we blow through the levels were not  standing with our ahem phone in our hand thinking WTF?!?
  • The big upgrade sucks.... mythical creatures are exactly that .... a figment of someone’s imagination. There is no way to upgrade a legendary without runins or vinnicite???? I have only seen a Runin once in a £99 pack !!!! 
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