looking for one player level 20 or higher to join our dedicated fun jovial team.  Since it is summer, you can also learn some bbq tips from our bbq master.  He is roosting and slathering the guild boss now with his amazing bbq.  LOL 


  • Hi can i join in after this season ends? In 22 hours?
  • Hi corpse brides. Welcome. I liked the Zombies (rock band). “Time of the Season” lol 
  • Full now
  • Another spot opened, come join the fun!
  • Looking for strong Avatar level 21 player to help defeat the bosses. Present we are ranked 60. With your help we can get to 40
  • Full now. 
  • I‘m always left... I am in a clan now which brings me so much stress, I want to go to a milder place! 
  • Left I meant late, sorry very sleepy 😂 it is okay don’t bother yourself much I will join next season ☺️
  • See that if you want to enter a mild guild, I don't recommend you aim for those that are too high. There is room in our guild and we assure you that there is nothing stressful about us ;-) ItalianWarriors tag#FDVOE
  • 1 spot open again, apparently we have to add 'no cheating' to the join criteria.
  • Lol. Now have seen it all.  Guild  Full and having fun while coloring within the lines. 
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