Is this a hack?

Hey guys.

Yesterday a new member join our guild and kill the guild boss instantly. He deals 35789 damage to a boss with 4 cristalls! I dont have a screenshot from the damagelog, but i wrote this in our guildchat. There u can see that he join us und kill the boss.

Today he killed the new boss with one attack again. He deals 29332 damage! This u can see on the second screenshot.


Sorry, but this isn't normal?!


(and sorry if my english is bad :D)



  • Kassel almost reached the top in the hero arena yesterday with lvl3 and lvl4 creatures (against players with lvl7 only - no way!) - so its definitly something wrong with this guy.

  • Hi Vengardx,

    That's a lot of damage!

    Let me check with the guys in the Game Studio.

    - Mark


  • Thanks for the answer! :)

  • It was a hack, yes...

    The only way to get at the top of the leaderboard seems to be to cheat by editing your hero's health points.

    Although it was a cheater in your guild you reached the top of the leaderboard and earned your reward, I guess! :-(

    Or what did the game studio say about this case of 'horrible damage'?

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