Active guild looking for more members

Black Halo TAG #MZCHW needs 5 more active members. We've all just sort of banded together over time kicking deadwood when necessary. We have three 20+ members about six 15+ and the rest are a smattering of newer players 6+, but we all are active in the guild following a general plan and battling / donating every day. While we are not specifically looking to be a top 100 guild it would be nice. What we really want is to increase our rewards in the dungeons. 

To be honest it wasn't until just recently we as a group came to realize there is more potential in the guild and want a few more experienced members with the knowledge and desire to make it grow.  

Come join us for some casual fun and help collect a lot of gold. 


  • Got one and had to kick one who just disappeared. Still looking for 5 more active members. 
  • One more spot full. Only 4 left. You need to be active daily with donations and battles. 
  • Still looking to fill the final spots. We're making progress but want to be full. 
  • We are at 17 members and we are all donating and attacking every day. We need three more to fill our ranks  
  • We are at 18 members and close to 300 positions better than last season and still gaining. We'd like to fill those last slots  
  • I wouldn’t mind checking you guys out :) I’m lvl 17
  • We just hit 20 members today. If others drop I'll let you know. 
  • We had one player just disappear without communication so he had to be kicked. The 19 who remain are in the US and Europe.

    We've gained more than 600 spots in 2 seasons and keep improving. Need one more active player who donates / attacks every day. 

    We're not some high pressure guild of obsessed maniacs, just a group of guys looking to have fun and make the most of what we are. 
  • Still at 19 members. We need that 1 last active player to join. 
  • We got 1 and had to kick one so we're still at 19. We have improved more than 600 positions in 3 seasons. 
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    I truly appreciate the fine job you have done in getting your Crew back to active players.  Recruiting is not one of the easiest things to accomplish in Solgard.  Excellent effort on your part.

    Love it when players unite in guilds to take down bosses.  Solgard is so  you much more fun when active team players.  Hope you fill your last vacancy real soon : )

    Congrats on your successful recruiting.  wtg!!!
  • We almost got to 400 and slowly getting more together all the time  
  • I am tickled pink for your Crew and you... Isn't great to be play in with a full Crew that's active!  wtg!
  • What are your buffs at now?
  • 5,3,3,1 but we're only 10K away from some kind of upgrade. 

  • Lucky you Pope that you managed to recruit new players, we need 4 of them and after one of our officers left us for another guild ware some demoralized. It's just what zzzz writes: it's nice to play with the complete guild knowing your team is strong, trustworthy and ready to fight against any opponent to bring the guild's name up!Once it was like that for us then there was the collapse after the leader left us and many guild members left with her.In the golden age we were in the top 100 now we oscillate between 500 and 400 ... At the moment we are in 16 we need 4 players strong, active and that we are not afraid to face the most aggressive opponents! We want to come back strong like a time! For the record, we are the current leaders, ours is a guild founded by Italians but it is international.We have already posted on the forum to recruit but we still miss those 4 players. We leave the guild screenshot so you know who we are. We are trying to do our best to be as strong as we once hope to make it.
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    Level 15 looking to Join, do you have space? Active daily 
  • Sure!! You are welcome! If you know others looking for a guild I have room for another 3 :-))
  • We are slowly climbing the rankings ... There are 3 places left to occupy ... Next warriors we are waiting for you!
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