Does anyone know if there is are any written instructions or documentation for this game. I feel like I’m missing some information that helps playing the game. For example, I know you can match heroes in a 4 square, a 3 vertical line and a 3 horizontal line. I wonder if there are others alignments  besides these three? 
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.



  • You can also do L shape or T shape. This invokes the "Shape" bonus of your creature.

  • If you add 2 creatures behind a combined creature (vertically for a small or horizontally for a large), they will combine adding a minimum of the ‘merge’ bonus (can be higher if the individual creatures have a strength boost on them; say from Roughpaw or Tusker). This also applies if you create another complete creature of the same type and size directly behind the first; in which case, the second triggers it’s creation ability, then both merge and have the hold time of the first creature (potentially triggering a further merge/creation ability).

    Some creatures can make huge use of this (Valkyrie, for example), while others don’t (eg. Rock Gronch).

    Another (often devastating) pattern to make is 5 in a horizontal row. Instead of making a barrier (as 3 or 4 would), the 5 will form into a ball of fire. This is a Sun Burst spell which can be moved behind another creature, causing all creatures (formed and unformed) of that colour to immediately charge forwards with a minimum strength dependant on level and guild/arena buffs. From memory, that isn’t available until you are level 10.
  • The FAQ section cover most of the game mechanics. For the creatures you can find more info here
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