ExcaliburBeasts Academy

Yup, the Crew at zetes is all full. You all know life happens.... phones break, family emergencies, or a player just needs a little vacation time.

What type of leader would I be if I didn't plan for life happening?

So, I'm not just looking for a player, right now I'm looking for a guild hopefully with 5341 buffs. 

This guild will serve as the training camp for my buddy's guild ( @LiquidMinstral ) of Excalibur, and for my guild, TheBeastGuild. 

You might have seen Excalibur on the Dungeons leaderboard.  I started TheBeastGuild late March, and we are on our way to the top.  You've probably also have seen posts here in the Forum by LiquidMinstral and me.  Yay!  A partnership and fellowship.  Yup, won't find all our strategies here... lol

Players in ExcaliburBeasts will be able to join Excalibur or TheBeastGuild when an opening is available once they meet the requirements for joining either guild.

Excalibur and TheBeastGuild will be sharing strategies and tips with our trainees.  Wouldn't want you coming to the front lines until you're ready.

First on the agenda is finding a guild that wants to be the training camp.

Send a message to LiquidMinstral or me if you would like your guild to be our academy guild.

Once we have the guild, I will then ensure it is filled with 20 players... gotta have a full academy so the players can get more rewards to rank and level up.  You know I'm one of the best darn recruiters going, got that down pat... lol

Besides having troops in reserve, I really like the idea of another full guild on Solgard.  The game is so much more fun when you have a full crew and strategy.

Just like recruiting, I will find a guild to be the academy if no one volunteers from the Forum.  Hope you don't miss out on this opportunity, I take action pretty fast : )


  • Oh my @MarkHawk... would you be so kind as to move this to Guilds.

  • A couple of hits on this. Yay!   

    Hoping for better... the advantages of guild merge and having an A, B, C and D team are great... take a look at BloodMoon and BloodDragon... A and B teams are rising to the top, and I don't believe it is because they are cheating.  They just have a backup crew for their backup crew.  

    One of the most strategic plans is to have back up Crews.  Troops do get battle weary...lol
  • Tic tic, tic toc.... lol
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    Ding!  Time's up...lol

    And who else would I go with than my former guild, wzrvy... visited them today.  Looks like the casual players are inactive.  Not surprising... typically happens to casual guilds, they fall by the wayside.

    Will be a little time before the guild can be renamed.. so please excuse the current name if you might be offended... lol

    Now recruiting Embla 18 and above who want in on strategy and being a part of a full Crew.

    Daily players please!  

    Any questions, send me a message.  Looking forward to seeing some of you in the Excalibur and TheBeastGuild academy!
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    5341 buffs, halfway to 8341 buffs.  Yup, I was the leading donater in wzrvy until I formed zetes..  lol
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