Is LoS a "Cash Grab" Game?

Recently, a couple things have occurred that led me to do some math and analyze LoS from the standpoint of spending money to boost creatures. This came about due to the conversations we have been having in my guild, as to which lineup would be best to focus attention on for dungeon battles (and how long it would take to get there). In addition, a recent player joined our guild who hadn't played in many months, and was checking out the current state of the game to see if he wanted to start playing again. He left soon after saying the game had changed and is just a "cash grab" now. Is LoS a "Cash Grab" game? Let's look at the numbers:

The best deal for spending money on in-game currency would be the 14500 diamonds for US$100. With dust being the rarest commodity in the game (aside from maybe legendary gems), we will use it to analyze the real-world cost of creating a top-tier lineup. The best deal for dust is the 5000 for 450 diamonds. That can be purchased 32 times for US$100 (14500 diamonds), giving a total of 160,000 dust in the process. To upgrade the abilities of an epic from level 7 to 10, it costs 72,500 dust, therefore to upgrade both abilities from level 7 to 10 would require 145,000 dust, leaving you 15,000 dust (or 1450 diamonds) left over. So for $100, you can basically upgrade both abilities for one epic creature the last 3 levels and have a little bit leftover to put towards the gold fee of upgrading those abilities. Keep in mind, this is looking at the math of a perfect scenario of only buying dust at the best value exchange of 450 diamonds for 5000 dust, which would take a very long time, due to how often that offer shows up in the shop. That means that 4 a lineup of 4 epics, you are easily looking at over a thousand US dollars to buy your way from level 1 to level 7/10/10. With legendaries, it would be considerably higher. In addition, even if you were willing to spend hordes of cash on this game, you still have to put plenty of time in just to get the dust from the shop and find the gems you need to get a top-tier lineup.

After looking at the numbers, it is clear to me that in this game, it is time-consuming and incredibly expensive to try and throw gobs of money at the game to quickly improve your team. In fact, there is no "quickly improving" your team -- it all takes time. Money will help speed up the process some and will help you purchase some of those hard-to-find items, like legendary gems and certain idol molds, but it will still take a while to get to the top (and gets expensive real fast -- 100 diamonds roughly equals US$1, so an idol mold that costs 6000 diamonds is US$60). There was plenty of discussion throughout the short history of the game how the developers are "just being greedy" with their decisions, or the game had too many "whales" who had paid to get their 7/10/10 legendary lineups. That is definitely not the case IMHO, and in fact, the whole dust/gold experiment that got so many of us frustrated and upset, was a necessary process so that the game could be set-up to avoid people coming in and paying their way to the top. I, for one, am very glad that it is so expensive to upgrade creatures, knowing that it is not economically feasible for 99.9% of the players to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade a handful of creatures. I think it's great that the developers have come up with a plan to keep the playing field fairly level, while still building in the opportunity for them to make their money and speed up the process of upgrading one's creatures, without letting it turn into a total "Cash Grab."

What are you thoughts?


  • Gonna put in my $2,000,000.... two cents just won't cut it here in Solgardland).   lol

    Gold inflation rates just do not seem to me to be equitable.  

    True, the Bounties gold rewards are nice, the Dungeons faster paced update is good, and the Treasure Hunt (if you can beat the OP gnome) is rewarding, but (always with the but.. lol)....

    the Rainbow, the Daily Chest Quest,  the Underworld, the Shop free chests, and the loyalty bonus have not been adjusted for Solgardland inflation rates.

    Any of you playing for a long time will remember when the free chests made a difference in your ability to upgrade creatures... now it's a drop of water in a huge barrel.  Same thing with the Rainbow, a whole lotta effort for just an itty bitty return.  Don't be spending all that cash from the Underworld in one place, ok... lol

    If Solgard is going to have inflation, then all games modes should be adjusted to reflect the current exchange rate.  Otherwise Snowprint may want consider returning or developing a reward system that is more equitable across the board.
  • Ohhh, forgot to mention the Solgard recession... with no Frozen, there are no good Campaign games for the extra loot for long time players.

    Definitely need new jobs to stir the economy... either the release of Frozen, or possibly a third tier to the Heroic battles.

    A whole lot of players stuck with low paying jobs here in Solgardland.
  • Hey @LiquidMinstral ,

    Remember right about Christmas time, before the gold update??

    My creatures Collection reminded me of my Christmas tree, all lit up with red lights.  Had thousands of sun gems, and couldn't do a thing with any of them... not enough gold.  Things sure have I find myself looking for sun gems so I can rank up my creatures.  

    Been using the extra gold to buy the dust in the Shop.  Some days it feels like shopping on Rodeo Drive on a fast food worker  budget... lol

    Still think some of the other games modes need to be adjusted to the updated gold rate, and if Frozen is not released soon, some type of extra bonus like a third tier to Heroic battles should be considered.  
  • I agree that some of the game modes need to be adjusted to give a little more. I, however, like the current economy, for the most part. I think it's in a pretty good place where you have to make conscious decisions about your priorities. Do you want a relatively competitive team quicker, or do you play the long game and go for those epics? I think the balance is pretty good in that you can have decently good success with all commons (and maybe a rare or two), but if you want to play with the big dogs you'll have to invest the time to get those epics and legendaries up to snuff. If the economy was like before, players would be able to level up their epics and legendaries too quickly and then the game would lack the dichotomy of teams and playing styles it has, and players would quickly lose interest with it. I know if I had my top 12 creatures at 7/10/10, I would soon grow bored of the game and would be done playing for good. I'm glad that I have goals to work towards by way of finishing leveling my choice epics, and once that's done, it's all about the legendaries. I feel like I have a lot left to do in the game, and therefore a long time I can continue to play.
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    (breaking out dictionary) d i c h o t o m y

    As my son says, it's fun to use strategy rather than using loads of cash to win for exactly the same reason you presented.  Where do you go when you're all topped out?  Usually a different game, rather than spinning your wheels and ending up in the same place.  Got a while until my creatures are maxed out, so I'll be around for a while.
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    Just looked at my Collections.. make that a long, long, long time, especially if the keep adding creatures..  lol
  • Definitely more time sink than cash grab. Time definitely equals money in Solgard. And sometimes you can pay a little money to save a lot of time, like the monthly subscription. Honestly the game does a good job at being accessible for multiple price points - the whales have a reason to spend money, and the poors like me have a reason to spend time. The ratios are mostly right.
  • Love the monthly subscription plan : )
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