Bug Issues... Recommend Screenshots

I posted a general message in the Help Center for Snowprint to check Forum for bug Issues...

In the meantime, may I recommend you takes screenshots of your loyalty point page, your creatures, where you are in the Underworld, etc...

Hoping we hear from Snowprint soon.


  • The above recommendation is for players that have not updated yet.  

    Might want to turn auto update off until this bug is fixed.

    Players that are having problems, I feel for you, but don't lose hope yet.  Please post if you are Droid or IOS.  Thanks!
  • Need to keep this in Hot Topics so it's easier for Snowprint to find : )
  • Seems like it's primarily iPhone users.
  • The Droid roll out was pretty smooth, only a couple of hiccups.

    This is a major problem for the IOS roll out.
  • Auto updates... a lot of players won't even see this post be because they are locked out and don't know about the Forum.  Had a couple of daily players no-shows today.  Guess they are experiencing technical difficulty.
  • Hopefully in the future Snowprint can give players more info on release dates.  It will enable to get snapshots before the update, just is case there are issues.
  • @PooBar - Droid player is also reporting issue
  • Google Play download save active and current <check>

    auto updates turned off <check>

    screenshots of all game modes and loyalty bonus captured <check>

    waiting for Forum news about issues <checking Forum regularly>

    reporting for players that cannot <check>
  • oops... forgot some of the first things..

    Crew alerted about potential issues and asked to take protective steps <check>

    Begin list of team roster and device type <check>

    ... Feel free to add any ideas to this list. Thanks!
  • I am a droid user I am reporting issue with connectivity I get the Wi-Fi button with an! Through it is seems the server is down all other games work I am online happened after the update I cannot open chest or play the treasure
  • edited April 2019
    Same.  Tried to purchase chest and since have had no connection to servers.  Reinstall seemed to help until I again clicked a purchase.  I guess I will try a third time but won’t be getting any diamonds until this is fixed.  Oh this on IOS
  • Droid user here... posted message on Discord, technical issues... 

    Same problem... locked out after trying to purchase chest... 

    I'm planning on waiting for Snowprint instructions.

    This is what I am seeing on the Guild Info tab.

    17/40 players, 88 join criteria??? wish I was Embla 88 or higher... lol

    Denzik says the numbers are placeholders with no meaning or importance, and  that it's probably a connectivity issue...

    Snowprint is working on the issue, but you might want to go to Help to report you're having problems.  Screenshots are helpful.
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