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Hi, I have already played Solgard in the past but now i would like to restart it on a new device but the old game is saved in Game Center so I can’t save my new progress there. Is there a way to delete my Game Center save?
Thank you


  • Hi Xamyr,

    I posted this a while back and @MarkHawk was going to look into to. Nothing has been done yet, but I agree, this would be helpful as I am stuck in the same boat and would love to back-up my current game on game center.
  • Thank you Minstral, let’s hope in some good news then
  • Hi guys,

    This has been an ongoing request for some time as well as having a feature for transferring game progress between Game Center and Google Play.

    Currently the guys at Snowprint are focused on the game mechanics but both features has been added to the backlog. I've got no ETA on it but will ask for an update next time I'm in contact with the team.
  • Thank you for answering  Mark but i don’t want switch from iOS to Android or viceversa. Just need to delete the save in game center to substitute it with a new ore but always in ios 
  • Hi Xamyr, just to clarify; both cases (reset game + transfer game) are part of the same development of the game - that's why I answered on behalf of both feature requests
  • Rock on! Thanks Mark.
  • Can’t you just open a new account and restart that way?
  • No, the gamecenter is linked to your apple account, and only one game file in gamecenter (for LoS) per Apple account. I suppose you could try and create a secondary Apple account, but that's a real pain.
  • Hi Mark,

    Any update on this front? I keep thinking that if something happens to my phone, I will lose all my game data (since my current game is the 2nd I started and is not backed up to game center). I would really love to have that piece of mind knowing that I have my data backed up, and all the time and effort I put into this game won't go to waste, should something catastrophic happen to my phone. Besides, if I were to lose everything, I probably would not start up again.

    Please, please, please get the bug in the devs' ears to allow more than one backup file to game center.

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