Underworld weirdness - three chances but cant play

See screenshot. Have tried closing app and restarting phone...


  • Whoops, here’s the pic
  • WTF JUST HAPPEN WITH UNDERWORLD 😠😠😠😠 I just played... i got 0 hp, lose 3 champ.. and the game was stuck.... i restart the game, put me to select new 3 champ, i selected 1 and i got 0 champ left you lost... and repeat the underworld !!!!!!! omg ... what you have been done devs????

    Now i must to w8 a day.... fu ck this testing game... i want a reward for what i lost ...........
  • Wow, it's just a minor glitch on a minor game mode. I don't know if all the anger and foul language is worth it. It's a free-to-play game, so just enjoy it for what it is -- they are working hard behind-the-scenes to make it more amazing than it already is.
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