Offline loot, where can I pick this up

Hi there!

I am having a great time playing your game, so thank you for that!

my question:

Sometimes I play without internet and when I complete a level it says that I couldn’t gather my loot because there is no connection. It will be in my “offline lootbox”. 

Where can I find this lootbox?


  • Hi there Rickus!

    Thanks for the feedback! :-)

    For the offline loot - it should be available as soon as you get connectivity back. Try a simple reboot when you're back on WiFi and the items should be available.

    If you still didn't get your items then please send me a screenshot of the settings menu in the game - this way I can grab your player ID and look into the issue.

    - Mark

  • Hi Mark,

    thanks for the quick reply!

    Here is my player ID:



    feedback: make a copy button next to the player ID so its easy to copy and paste. Now I was typing it over which will cause a lot of errors for future customers with questions.

    Thanks in advance for having a look!

  • Thanks for the copy ID idea :-)

    We'll check up on your player profile where the loot went.

    Update to follow.

  • Hi Rickus!

    We did a check on the offline rewards. The rewards are still being given but there's no dialog box or indication once you're back online. Dev team has been informed and they will add a dialog feature in a future release of the game.

  • edited March 10
    I'm in exactly the same situation.
    My player ID: e8ecf89f-293d-4a60-92e2-42b34f4f37e4
  • Should player ID's be posted in the Forum, or is it better to notify via Help instead of the Forum?

    I think the Help should be used to send the player ID and issue, and then also a Forum post without the player ID to alert other players of potential issues.
  • I'm in exactly the same situation.
    My player ID: e8ecf89f-293d-4a60-92e2-42b34f4f37e4
    This is a rather old thread, back from the days where there were no way of getting in contact with support. Please have a look at this thread on how to use the in-game help button for support:
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