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I noticed when I tap Embla on the top left that the power level is 1025.  When I go to the Guilds Info button and tap my profiles, the power level is 985.  It's the same for all Embla 20 players.

Are there different power levels for different game modes?  

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    @zzzz  - The Embla Equipment slots were hold overs from an unfinished / unreleased feature of the game. It was likely something they wanted to incorporate or even build into the game, but it just didn't happen. It could totally come in some future update some day though, never know!
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  • Hi @MadScientist @Denzik and @boatface

    Y'all seem to have a whole lotta knowledge about Solgard. Do any of you know the answer to my question about Embla power levels.

  • I looked at this too since you pointed it out. Same thing. My only theory is that the game changes our power for bosses and minions since 20 people are attacking one common enemy. Maybe just a handicap in block or luck percentage. I haven’t noticed any deduction in buffs, character attributes (the obvious ones like non-crit hits, merge and sync), or overall effectiveness. Have you? Im going with ‘if it doesn’t seem to make any difference, then it probably doesn’t matter’. If you’re experiencing any drop in effectiveness, I’d be interested to hear.
  • Thanks for the input @RagNoir  !  

    Wondering if there are different power levels for different game modes.  The only two places I have noticed power levels are on Embla and in the Dungeons.
  • Without having looked into it much, my guess is the 40 pt discrepancy is caused by the additional 4 hp from embla’s equipped items, perhaps not taken into account when viewing other profiles

    are there any non lv20s who can check their power level?
  • Checking with 2 of our Crew, lvl 15 and 17... not on line right now.

    Think you have a pretty good educated hypothesis there @boatface  : p

    Do you know the purpose for equipping Embla?
  • Most games like this allow players options to upgrade equipment with gold (hopefully not dust. Lol) to increase their Avatar strength and abilities. At this point, I think Avatars have minimal impact on game beyond Avatar level and only act as the generals while field work is done by the critters level and capabilities.  Totally different perspective to game play, but I like it. Very challenging cuz of multiple multiple possibilities (lol if have resources). 
  • @Bedazzle  @boatface  @RagNoir  @Denzik

    Notice anything different about Embla power levels?  Will this have any impact on game play?  If yes, what impact?

  • I did wonder if one of the values included guild buffs (which you would expect to be the one under guild info), but I don’t know.

    At level 21 the numbers are 1035 and 995.
  • @KevinTropman have you checked your Embla power levels lately?
  • @zzzz

    Embla Power Levels in my opinion have no impact on the game.  They're merely the sum of some weighted stats that total to a number. From everything I can tell, this number has no direct impact on any portion of the game other than be displayed on your character's profile.

  • Just wondering why Embla 20 went from 1025 to 1380 before  V 1.7 went into effect.. noticed it when I was checking how close I was to Embla 21... almost there... lol
  • zzzz said:
    Just wondering why Embla 20 went from 1025 to 1380 before  V 1.7 went into effect.. noticed it when I was checking how close I was to Embla 21... almost there... lol
    Gotcha - I don't have any details on what changes have gone into effect for v1.7 - I'm on iOS so my Embla hasn't changed and I still don't have the updated version.
  • @Denzik checked the Leaderboard, your power level is showing as 1350 when I view your profile.
  • Still the same for me @zzzz. 995 on Guild Info page and 1035 on my own status screen. Still running 1.6 though. I will check again when I get 1.7.

    Agree with you though. Power Level is really just a quick guide to creature potency. When facing an opponent (I’m thinking Hero Challenge here), it’s a quick way to see their team. All rank 7, but power level only 4000 instantly shouts low level abilities and few idols without me needing to check each creature, for example. Not so scary! 🙀😸

    Though the change to Embla’s Numbers May suggest something has changed. Are all her other stats the same? Mine (from 1.6) are:

    Level 21:
    Hit Points 41
    Mana 13
    Sun Burst 4
    Spell Power 6
    Barrier 6
    Max Energy 60

  • 11K until I hit 21...but it appears all other Embla stats stayed the same.. just the power levels are different. 

    When I view profiles for players that have not upgraded yet, the power levels show the new power levels.  You may not be able to see it until you upgrade, but I can... lol

    Just curious how the power levels tie into the games modes.
  • I'm not getting why the concern over the Embla power level. The only time power levels seem to come into play are with your critters in Hero Challenge, but Embla power level doesn't seem to come into play anywhere.
  • Not so much a concern but rather a desire to get to understand the underlying mechanics of the game, and how they intertwine : )
  • I use Embla power levels for recruiting decisions... 

    By Embla rank and power level:
    18 = 1200
    19 = 1220
    20 = 1340
    21 = 1350
    22 = 1360

    So, if you have a Crew at 19, once they advance to 20.. whoa look at that big jump in power. 

    Those that hit 20 know how long that road is from 19 to 20.. lol
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the insight.
  • Where's the insightful button?!? . I want that badge too... lol
  • My Elmba was at 1350 level 21 before the new version. After down loading new version power dropped to 959. Worked really hard to reach level 22 and power only increased to 969.  ?????
  • Version 1.8 Embla power levels have changed, so above info will need some editing.

    Embla cog...

    Embla Guild Info

    Oh... BTW that's my favorite line up for Redguard gem mining... gets those crazy birds every time... lol

    No longer a 40 point Embla difference....
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