Treasure Hunt issue

There is an issue with killing the Treasure Gnome. From time to time you don't get the gold for beating it. Occasionally it happen, when you beat the Gnome and the barrier at the same time - even if the creature kills the gnome at first and the barrier afterwards in the same turn.

Today I saw another issue. I killed the gnome during the game, but without killing it directly during the turn. My Elfling used it's flings and hit a bomb next to the gnome - so it got killed by the bomb. But I didn't get the gold afterwards - the game just told me it wasn't killed.

Excuse my English. Hopefully it's understandable nevertheless.


  • Hi Slim Jim!

    Could you please make a screen recording, upload the video to YouTube and send the link here? This way I can check up on any issues with Treasure Gnome.

    I saw another thread about the Treasure Gnome - although it's for another issue I'll still keep an eye out for this creature ; )

    - Mark

  • I'll give it a try, but it's very hard to reproduce those conditions.

  • Just had the issue again, but forgot to record the screen. The gnome was killed by the poison of a mushroom, but I didn't get the gold.

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