The Return of the Kicked Player

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Didn't know that players could return to a Guild after being kicked if they waited a couple of hours.

Should players be allowed to re-enter a Guild once they are kicked?

I know from experience that one of our new officers had an oops moment, and the person kicked never returned.  

I thought a kick was a kick... once done and it's bye bye player forever.  Guess not from what I've been told.

I can see the pros and cons of both sides so feedback would be appreciated.


  • This happens frequently.. people joining my guild (Alchimisti #amuwl) are requested to join the line app chat. Joining is invite only, so i want to talk with new potential members and see screenshots of their collection. Then after talking with my officers de decide to let the player stay or not. Sometimes they join the guild but after a couple of hours if they didn't contact me on chat are kicked. But.. sometimes they come back! Once a player joined and have been kicked 4 times..   then we had to raise the minimum level to avoid it. 😂 in another case, a player joined and have been kicked 3 times.. then He finally understood and contacted me on chat. He' s now a very good and nice member of us!  
  • Thank you @Andrew_Bruno for sharing your experiences with kicked players.  After reading your post, it is a good thing that kicks are not permanent...  lol

    Who knows... maybe some of our former players will return in the future.  So happy with the Crew we have right now, every single one of them... our Solgard family!
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