Translations ?

I'm an English speaker playing in English but I’m with a French guild. I wasn’t even aware until recently that the minions, levels etc had different names in different languages! So it’s not always obvious what they/I are talking about in chat. There must be translation lists (aka dictionaries) for all languages somewhere - how about making them available to us? Or an option to change language? (Forgive me if I’ve missed such an option, believe me I have looked)


  • Disappointed to see nothing coming from Mark Hawk about this as it’s a perfectly reasonable suggestion.  Surely I’m not the only person in the Solgard world with this issue? But in the meanwhile, one of my lovely guild members looked up all the minions in English and wrote them out for me. So here’s à French/English translation for anyone else who needs it. 
  • Completely agree with u, my game is in English but I’m on a japonese guild. But my first language is Portuguese and there is an option for different languages but I think is only when downloading the game, I have some friends that talk about the game and I don’t have a clue what or who they are talking about....
  • Thanks @rottmj at least I don’t feel alone with this issue any more!
  • Hi @Sleipnir and @rottmj

    Since we have one person on our Crew from Mexico, thought I would take a look at what he sees when he plays.

    Added Spanish language to my Google, changed the phone settings language to Spanish, and voila (pardon my French... lol), was able to play Solgard in Spanish.  Learned a couple of new words like Jugar is Play and Tienda is Shop. What fun to play in another language!

    Just need to remember the setting that you change so you can return your phone to English..  lol

    What a fun way to learn another language!
  • If you add the language to Google it will give the option of which language to use in the Forum (translates the Forum posts) : p
  • Going back to Solgard to play in Spanish. Only the Guild messages are in English...  lol
  • Now all I need is for Solgard to translate the Guild messages/posts... lol
  • Those Spanish names are hilarious - Bomineo!Dentipodre! 🤣
    Thanks for your research and tips, I will try it out and hopefully improve my ability to make up silly words in French 😉
  • Bonne chance!
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