[Bug]: Cracklehoof's "Lightning Fury" Skill's Chain Damage appears to do less than it should.

Per the Skill Description on Lightning Fury:

Lightning Strikes Dealing (Power - Bonus) damage to 1 random enemy. It will then chain, hitting (Evolve) more enemies for 1 less Damage each time.

My Level 6 Skill should do 3 (Power) - 5 (+2 Bonus) Damage, and it should chain hitting 2 more enemies for 1 less damage each time. When Luck Strikes it deals the Luck Damage to the first target, however every chained damage strike will ONLY ever hit for 2 damage and then 1 damage.

In the screenshot you see that it strikes for 5 Damage and then chains for 2 and then 1. Shouldn't the 2nd Target of the chained damage take 4 damage ( 1 less than 5) , and then the 3rd target take 3 damage (1 less than 4)? This also is not just a symptom of the "Try It" skill demo mode. This is affecting the skill in normal battles in Dungeons, Heroics, Guild Battles, and PvP.

I have done some additional videos in which the Luck Damage rolls 4, and it will still only do 2 damage to the 2nd target and 1 damage to 3rd target.


  • Hi there Denzik! 

    Thanks for telling. I'll forward this to the guys in the game studio so that they can take a look at the issue.
    Did you upload the videos to YT or Vimeo? Thanks if you can post the links here as it will make it easier to recreate the calculation.

    - Mark
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    In the video you can see a normal strike without luck bonus hitting for 3 -> 2 -> 1.
    After that there are other strikes in which the Luck Bonus Rolls designated by the "Clover Luck Icon".

    They both hit for 4 -> 2 -> 1.
  • Thanks for the video. I'll check with the game studio and update you once they have looked into the issue.
  • edited February 18
    Just wanted to throw in a bit more information. That this is absolutely basing the "Chained" damage off of the "Base" power of the skill not off the damage done by luck. If you level the skill to level 8, Lightning Fury will start hitting for 4->3->2->1... As it chains 3 times.

    If you Roll Luck it hits for higher than 4 on the first target but will still only chain for then 3, 2, 1.
  • Update; got word back from dev team - they will fix this issue in a future release of the game :+1: 
  • @MarkHawk - Thanks for the update! - I'm sure all the Cracklehoof supporters will welcome the change (if it's beneficial ;) ) in the future!
  • Crack at 10/10 is already devastating, this will make him insanely devastating. Great leg work Denzik! (If they boost him to what the language currently says instead of nerfing the language, I will have to start investing more in Crack).
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