Guild management for leaders

Hello, i would like to suggest some things i think could help leaders and officers.
First of all..
leader and officers... that's all.. why not improving more "steps" ?
I mean i have 3 officers one of them is more helpful and with me from long time, but can't promote him to a higher rank. I have a member that takes notes of every attack and bomb and gives me a full report so i can do some math for averages and more and prepare strategies..  officers do a different kind of work, but it would be nice to promote that player to Secretary status for example. Another one look frequently on forum, Facebook Group, searching for useful informations and reports to me. I would like to reward his work, but can't have too many officers in my command room on chat. What do you think?  


  • I also think that would be nice to reward the highest damage made with a "hero of the day" reward. This would increase competition between players and raise the total amount of damage done.. maybe a medal or cup next to the name? Or a little phrase like some top players have in the Hero arena? 
  • Great ideas...  what would a Crew be without a great Secretary, some great strategists, some wonderful heavy hitters, and the ever loyal, right on time players.  You see titles in the Hero Arena. Titles in the Dungeons would be nice.

    And I'm still looking forward to a chance to battle our PacificBeast : p
  • We just this week set up a Discord for my guild, team Excalibur. It's been great so far -- I would highly recommend it as many others before me have done so. We have members from 4-5 continents, so it also helps us manage coordinated attacking and have everyone organized based on geographic location. It would be really nice to have this built into the game itself, but in the meantime it's a wonderful tool that we have just started exploring.
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