Waiting time frames on games & events

Why is there betwee 3-13 hr waiting period to play certain events? That's really way too long. 1 hr I can deal with but 13 hours +? I don't get it. How are you supposed to defeat boss arena wit only a few hours to play but 3 hr waiting period to play after first play? Really? Very frustrating


  • It's been explained that you get 3 tries at the beginning of the day, and if you don't get it in those tries, by the time you get home from an 8-hour work day, you have 2-3 more tries. The boss arena gets pretty boring once you're leveled up enough, and you will end up defeating all three bosses in 1-2 tries at some point. I know it's annoying now, but it's one of those aspects of the game you build up towards. There are plenty opportunities to play many hours per day with the various game modes, so try no to stress on one or two that make you wait.
  • Hi LiquidMinstral, could you explain how you beats Bosses Arena in 2?  I'm at level 19, bunches of 5 level players and have beaten one boss once. Even now waiting for time to try again. Just curious.
  • Hey there! My boss team is Valk, Crack, Rock Gonch, Tusker. Valk's initial shots of arrows are helpful, crack gives me solid defense (plus the lightening helps), Rock always hits the target, and I like having tusker in there for the quick attack, plus buffing everyone else. There are other combos of creatures that work as well. Stone Fist is a good one, so is Mire Wyrm/Land Wyrm combo (as per Denzik's advice). You need good defense, so a strong grimchop can be helpful as well. The boss arena is all about timing your combos right and knowing when to go regular combo vs. 2x2. On the second boss, pay attention to the color of his chest. Whatever color that is, that color creature will do double damage (or a crit, I forget which one). When I was struggling to beat the bosses, it was always the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning so I would have as many chances at it within the 24 hour window. Soon enough you'll be finishing them off in 1-2 tries. Good luck!

  • Great!  Some you mentioned aren't my strongest, will work on them. Once again failed out.  I like the wrym combo, need to get land stronger too. 
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