[Bug?]: Critical Strikes on Boss/Large health Enemies do not deal "double damage".

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I've been trying to track down and see if I could come up with a feasible explanation for some sort of reason why I noticed my Critical Strikes just seemed to be "Lower than they should be". Without spending hours upon hours of reviewing game footage and screenshots it's pretty easy to see that things just aren't adding up based on the game's description of what "Critical Strikes" should be.

Per the Game's Description of "Critical Hit Chance" taken from the Creature Stats screen.

A creature's chance of landing a critical hit and dealing double damage.

While in some cases Double Damage does hit you can see Critical Strikes appearing to display and count properly. The following seems to be when critical strikes look like they are working:

1) When the Target has less health than the critical strike is dealing and you overkill it.

   - For Example: Minion attacking has 8 attacking Strength. The target hit has 4 Health. The critical strike will display as 4. You overkilled it.

2) The Attacking minion has critical damage of single digit damage. 4,6,8...etc. It could go perhaps normally up until it goes beyond 10, but i haven't found footage of this working correctly. Perhaps someone can document if it goes to 12 and beyond and works properly.

   - For Example: Minion attacking has 4 attacking strength. The target is hit for 8 Critical Strike Damage. This correctly displays as 8 Damage dealt. I've seen critical hits functioning correctly up until damage goes above 10.

However, this appears to be inconsistently working and not properly dealing double damage. Especially against targets that have either a 2x2 or Larger Hit box, or generally large health pools. (Guild Bosses, Crystal dungeon Bosses, Boss Arena Bosses, Campaign Bosses, Treasure Goblins).

So, Just how "far off" is "Not dealing double damage"? Well it appears to be dependent on how big your "Critical Strike" would be if it were to actually deal double damage.

I've seen damage counts be lower as little as 2 damage off, all the way up to 13 damage off. It's inconsistent, but does appear to possibly be that the higher the crit, the more damage is missing, but it's somewhat sporadic.

- Attacking Strength of 12 crits for 22... (2 damage off)

- Attacking Strength of 13 crits for 20... (6 damage off)

- Attacking Strength of 19 crits for 33... (5 damage off)

- Attacking Strength of 20 crits for 30... (10 damage off)

- Attacking Strength of 26 crits for 39... (13 damage off)

Here's several screenshots of damage just not quite adding up. These are just a small sample of examples.
https://imgur.com/a/W2CmWVz - Halfar in Niflheim
https://imgur.com/a/bNPwV89 - Pyntir in Helheim
https://imgur.com/a/9uXX93N - Damage Absorption Crystal in Helheim
https://imgur.com/a/JW9KIAz - Halfar in Niflheim
https://imgur.com/a/8gllaPY - Maskina in Boss Arena
https://imgur.com/a/rjeDUoX - Gloomking in Fire Strider's farming Heroic.

https://imgur.com/a/zMngisZ - Treasure Goblin in a Treasure Hunt (Not a large minion, but still has very high health and is inconsistent.)

Sometimes there are cases when damage is reduced due to a skill's damage penalty (Mire Wyrm or Land Wyrm striking a target rows behind the target, but for the most part there does appear to be incorrect damage calculations that do not seem to be dependent on the attacking minion or positioning. None of the examples above were taken with a "Damage Absorption Buff" on any boss. If there is damage absorption it would appear to be a "hidden" value.


  • Hi Denzik,

    The wording can be misunderstood and will be changed so that it is clear that critical hits do not double the damage.
    The game mechanic is that they double the lower of the base strength and the current strength of the creature.

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this! :+1: 
  • @MarkHawk

    Thank you for the follow up. It is very misleading as currently stated, so an updated description of the mechanic should help clear things up for everyone. 
  • So which factor is "base strength " ? The instrinsic strength shown on the troop individual display, or the strength shown when the troop is initially combined on the board, or ???
  • edited March 6
    @OldGrouch - Base Strength is the strength value shown on the Creature's Summary Screen in your creature collection. It is the value of all Sun Gem upgrades applied and does include strength gained from any equipped idols. 
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