We need new characters!

Ive been playing this game basically since release and one main problem i have is the characters that are released right now. It's not that the aren't enough, but it's that the amount of viable picks are drastically lower than the amount of characters in total. It's like there are characters that just have better versions of themselves, or they just don't bring enough in to have enough impact on the game. Others just seem like they aren't strong because of others simply overshadowing them. Id like to talk to someone that either thinks otherwise and can prove me wrong or a dev on maybe making the community have some input on character creation. 


  • Look at the leaderboards for the Legendary league. There are about 10 characters that get used a lot, and with the two new characters, I think those will get used quite a bit too since they are so powerful. I think the devs did this on purpose (making powerful new characters) because they realized only a handful of characters actually get used.

  • Hi guys,

    New creature will be released in the next update (version 1.5)
    However, I agree with LiquidMinstral - there are already some really strong creature characters in the game. However it is up to you to find the best combination. Some creatures will fit you like a glow (for specific levels) and others won't come in that handy. I sometimes takes a peek at YT videos to see how certain groups of creatures handles a level. Passing on this idea to you : )
  • I think this is a difficult issue because there are many different styles of play.  I personally hate the Raven Lady but there are those who swear she is the greatest thing.  Your mileage may vary.  Other characters are useful in the campaign like the black hole level comes to mind.  
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