Why are new announcements/update info. being posted on Reddit, but not here? Seems like whoever is monitoring the Reddit page (RatatoskTheSquirrel, I guess) is putting more enrgy and time into Reddit than the official LoS forum. Shouldn't those discussions and announcements take place here first and foremost?!


  • Hi LiquidMinstral,

    There has been some technical issues with the forum but we're looking into fixing it. Until then updates has been posted on FB and Reddit.

  • Good to know -- thanks!

  • FYI.  Hope everyone using Reddit has good security software and firewalls cuz I heard Reddit is used by unsavory programmers to hack into people’s computers. 
  • @Bedazzle - Why would you post something like that without providing a source or any context at all? - Reddit is a great platform used by Millions. You'd think that if there was such a horrible security issue with Reddit it would be very clearly and widely known...

    Don't go spreading misinformation unless you have credible sources of such. "I heard" isn't a good enough of a reason.
  • Heading:  Reddit locks out users with poor password hygiene after spotting unusual activity. By Gareth Corfield 10 Jan 2019 at 19:13.  .... Precisely what has happened, or whether Reddit itself has suffered a hack or data breach, is not yet known, only that the website described it as a security concern. .....
  • edited February 7
    Looks to me that Reddit Proactively Locked Users accounts because of "Users having Poor Password" security. I found that article written as you mentioned. It's a part of "Internet Security 101"... Use A Strong Secure Password... It's also not Reddit's fault that Users use poor judgement and use passwords like 'password123'. 

    This is no hack or breach specific to Reddit... Any Web Site that has logins and passwords would be at the same risk from those who abuse Poor Passwords. People should "Thank" Reddit for being proactive and actually caring about securing its users accounts. 

    Even this Forum would be just as likely to be targeted with the tactics mentioned in the article you referenced.

    There is no "Hacking" into people's computers. It's called 'compromising' the accounts which is literally just finding their usernames and emails and logging in with credentials. No Firewalls will stop it. 
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