Opinion about the new up date

First off, let me say that I really enjoy the game , but I think this new business model of restricting dust and diamonds in game, basically forcing people to pay money to upgrade their creatures, it's a mistake on your part.

I understand that you want to slow the progression, but I've been playing daily for 6 months and spent around 300 USD in that time, and still haven't maxed out any creatures. My highest being 3 rank 6.2 epics with 4 or 5 special ability levels to upgrade before they're maxed, so I don't think there's much risk of people "finishing the game too quickly". Plus there are over 40 creatures in total!

This new restriction on dust and diamonds in game effectively makes it so that you have to spend money to progress. It's not "free to play" anymore when you can't effectively strengthen your creatures special abilities without spending money, which, let's be honest, is where they really gain their strength from, and it's what makes each one unique.

I used to look forward to new creatures being added to the game, but now I don't even bother with them because of the cost to upgrade them. Releasing a new legendary should have people excited, but it seems kind of pointless to me because I'll never be able to afford the upgrades necessary to make it viable in battles.

I was ok with spending money when I felt like I was getting a decent value for it, but now it seems like the idea is to get people to spend out of frustration, which takes the joy out of the game, and I feel that it'll hurt your business in the long run.

In my opinion, the progression rate was fine before. If you want to make more money, have more special offers in the shop that people will feel good about spending money on. $5 to $15 chest that have some real in-game value as far as upgrading your creatures go.

As it stands now, I think this update will hurt the longevity of the game, and I hope you'll reconsider your approach. 


  • As I have played the new update for several days now, I can see the logic behind what they are doing. I was in the "low gold group" before, and was really frustrated that so many competitors in the high gold group were advancing much quicker than me. Back then, dust was still cheap to purchase in the shop (with gold) and they had ample gold to do so. Now, the cost for dust is simply too high in addition to being too hard to acquire through play. I do like that I am receiving more gold now. Without gold, you can't progress ANYTHING in the game without purchasing more, and I felt really screwed being in the low gold group. Dust is ONLY good for advancing a creature's special ability. I would much prefer having that hadicapped rather than gold. Now we all can level our creatures up more easily and the real strategy is determining how to spend your precious dust and on which abilities. I like the concept they are going for here, but I think they have made dust too rare with the abilities too expensive to progress, especially with epics and legendaries. I feel they either need to increase the dust acquired in-game or lower the required amount of dust needed to upgrade special abilities. Hopefully, they will recognize this too and make adjustments in further updates.
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