PinoyPride - cheaters, please remove!

hi, the gild „PinoyPride“ are cheaters. 
Thy startet with 6 Players in the top ten and Most of the ne Players Are Low level Players. They are too weak for 6th Place. They Jump Up on new bosses by cheating. 
Please do not let them get more treasure chests.
I wrote that in the german and official Solgard Facebook site a few days ago but nothing Happens. >:((((


  • They might be using the same tactics as the Bloodmoon guild cheaters. They are using more than 20 players who join and leave the guild on a regular basis to get more than the 20 bombs/40 boss attacks per day. The low level players are the unfortunate ones who think they are joining a high-ranking team, donate, use their bombs, then get kicked. Immediately, the level requirements is put back to 20 and the old players join back in. Hopefully the devs will do something about this soon and limit the number of bombs/attacks/donations for each guild to 20/40/60 per day.
  • LiqiuidMinstral.  I agree with your suggestion.   However, most games allow players to input a number amount when donating gold to their guilds.   My suggestion with gold donations is to increase max amount members can voluntarily donate but still limit to max of three donation clicks per day.  
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