Too many higher level players leaving this game

can not find the thread, but I am also seeing toooo many higher level players leaving this game. Suggestions from players on what devs need to do to keep higher level players. Hard to keep guild full and beat guild boss when higher level players keep leaving.  


  • Hi Bedazzle,

    Was it a thread here on the forum, FB or Reddit?
    Ideas for game improvement are always welcomed! I've created a forum category dedicated to player feedback - please feel free to add your suggestions there :+1:
  • I personally think it's a good thing higher level players are leaving. Those players that got an early start and who dominate the Hero Arena leagues and Guild leagues make it harder for anyone else to move up the ranks because this game overly rewards the top players and teams.  Those few top players and teams always end up with the big reward chests, and hence end up getting the legendary gems more readily over anyone else. They keep getting stronger at a faster pace than anyone else as a result, and then have the benefit of using leveled legendaries that the average player only dreams about having and using. If top players are over it an have moved on, great. My guild was in the high 30s last season, and all of a sudden we find ourselves in the mid 20s in this season. It's most likely because top players and teams are leaving, providing others a chance to move up. If the devs want this game to become super huge, it's better that everyone has a fair opportunity to get to an elite position, rather than just the 'fat cats' dominating the top spots.
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