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The Redguard event is over and I collected plenty mistrals over the last week. The event is over now and I was not able to collect the Redguard. Did I miss soemething?

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    It was a bug. I just installed the latest version (1.6.1) and now the Redguards appeared out of the nowhere. I was able to exchange the mistrals to Redguard chests. The changelog is saying that several bugs were fixed. Let's hope the best.
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  • Striker. Did you go to shop daily and scroll down and find red guard event card. You then click to purchase chest with chance of getting red guard gems with 100 mistrals. With ?luck or dev gods blessings after getting enough 100 mistrals and purchasing red guard chest you get enough red guard gems to colllect red guard.  ( which I was unable to collect. Grrrr). This is FYI for further events. Your guild and especially your guild leader should be helping you out. I also question whether you are the same person that posted this same scenario on Facebook awhile back and got all the gold in exchange for mistrals ie cheating and ruining the game for rest of us due to devs attempt to circumvent this action. 

    Solution: mistrals only used for that special event only.  Not used than players loss.   No exchange for unused mistrals especially since everyone getting more gold anyway. Not everyone is able to play on regular basis so do not benefit from these special events.  Need to circumvent players that hoard mistrals to outwit the game and other players unfairly.  
  • No. I never posted anything at Facebook before. Not sure how that could be related to a question since it does not answer anything. Just as a first comment.
    I collected 350 .. 400 items during the last event. I am not sure anymore since all are gone now. I am a level 20 player - so it is not the first event for me. When previous events were over we were able to exchange those and collect characters. That's not possible anymore? That means we have to collect them manually now or buy them? This is completely different to other events before. All other players in my guild were not able to collect the Redguard after the event too. Your comment that I should ask them to help me out is also not useful.

  • What happened to the usual mistral for gold swap?  I had 200+ mistrals that just "poofed".
  • From my knowledge regarding previous event there was a player who posted on Facebook regarding not able to get event gems but had stash of about 800 crystals which was exchanged for gold.   Next event, I discussed with my guild that perhaps better to hoard event crystals versus atttempting for event gems for new critter.   Since we are a guild that help each other out with suggestions members of the guild informed guild that you would not be able to use hoard crystals to exchange for gold (? it would be limited to less100 crystals. My assumption is that with new update of higher gold reward there will no longer be a need to exchange for gold.) [LOL. We all mtight be crying tears for dust]
  • I had the same issue as Triptych. I hadn't turned in any of my mistals thinking it would either force me to buy chests at the conclusion of the event, or give me the option of turning them in for gold/diamonds, like with the bog mage/croaker event. Neither happened and now my mistals are gone without getting the opportunity to turn them in and get my rewards. I opened a ticket with in-game support and am waiting to hear back.
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