Gold Experiment is unfair and wrong.

This two gold group experiment is completely unfair and wrong.  The high gold group is killing us in the arena, and getting so far ahead of us in the low group.  They are able to level to 6+ easily while we are getting screwed....  Especially if you are forced to use diamonds to buy gold where it is way more expensive too.  This is unfair especially to those who have spent real money on the game.  When will it end or when will those of us who are falling behind get some justice?  This is total BS.  The high gold group is blowing right by us.  This needs to be stopped and addressed.   A lot of people are going to start asking for refunds based on this unfair and non disclosed system of 2 classes.  


  • I completely agree!
  • “Killing us” means you are in the low gold , high gem,high dust group...  it didn’t make much difference actually. It’s unfair. I’m in high gold. But skills are super low as there’s virtually no dust.  
  • @Jctlai- I understand your point.  However, the guys in my guild who are in the high gold are all levelled up to 6+ now and their characters have epic and rare idols.  Because they can level up their creatures, they are getting the exp points to level up Embla.  We don't have the gold to level up and are stuck with gems we can't use and idols we can't make.  Besides, the dust is worthless if you don't have the gold.  Even then, upgrading any level 5 and 6 creature's skills will wipe out your dust.  At least you can buy the dust in the shop.  

  • I am also starting to see a significant amount of high level (18+) players in the low gold group quitting after this season.  They ruined the game experience for a lot of players.  
  • I have requested a refund from King for any purchases in game due to this gold experiment.  I hope everyone in the low gold group does the same.    They should be held accountable.  This needs to be addressed and the low group should get their money back.  
  • Sadly, the LoS support staff doesn't seem to care a lick about our frustrations regarding this. I filed a formal complaint through the app, and had a nice eMail conversation with one of the support staff members. They refuse to refund my money or do anything to compensate us in the "low gold group" (at least not yet, but I'm not holding my breath). I told them I will not be renewing my subscription or putting any more money into the game until they provide some compensation. I highly suggest you all do the same. The more people that let them know how they're feeling cheated by this (and withholding paying them money), the more likely they are to do something about it.
  •  It's been 2 months since my first email about the fact that I'm one of the involuntary member of the "Low gold group". I'm discussing with one of the SoL support staff who is a nice person doing is job (no complain about that) but it's alway the same answer. We can't communicate an ending date for this so-called "Test" but please go to our forum to report any issues.   As I can see there are issues reported but I'm not so sure there are actually taking care of them.
  • The people in the high gold group have a huge advantage and there's no way around that. I don't care if you get less dust, even if you got 0 dust it would be better. I'm stuck with dust, gems and idols to do because I lack the gold for everything. On top of that, you can buy dust for gold making the "disadvantage in dust" actually irrelevant because you can get more dust by buying all the gold to dust daily deals.
  • as I see that most of the low gold group members are subscribers. they do not care because by grouping they want to increase in-game purchases. They do not care about fairness or competition. 
  • I am speculating that this is devs way to get lower level players to catch up with higher level players. What is your level in low gold group. I am level 19 heading towards 20.  With gold I could easterly be level 21/22 and doing 500-600 damage guild boss lol. Unfortunately, it also results in higher level players eventually quitting game out of boredom from just farming. 
  • I am thinking that if you are forcing higher level to just farm since we are waiting for next world then you should at least give us 5-6 farming attempts versus three that lower levels have. And as our level increaes so does our farming attempts.  Farming at least gives us some more gold and also rewarding us for being higher level players. 
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    After multiple emails with King/snowprint, they finally referred me to their "terms and conditions" and cut off the conversation.  They have no interest in working with or satisfying their paying customers.  I am now pushing for a refund from Google. What a shame that they have created this terrible and unfair situation.  
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