Boss Arena

It's 650 points to kill the first boss, it's on a time limit. I've only been able to kill the first boss one time, and never had time to kill the next boss. It's ridiculous. We need more attempts to kill, or a short time between attempts refilling, or longer time to kill bosses. It's basically impossible unless you are unemployed.


  • Shewolfe73.  I do not know what time zone you are in. 7am Eastern time USA is when boss begins resulting in three attempts from get go.  Need to use up those first three right away then about every 4 hours from completion of each attempt results in recharging attempt.  If one works eight hour shift then by time you get back to game you have 2-3 attempts to beat boss.  I think that the less life boss has results in boss being weaker so that you should be able to defeat boss in 4-6 attempts.  At least that is what I have found with using my A team. 
  • I live in Colorado and the only way I can win is if I spend money... which I won't do... or I get up at 2 in the morning. Totally unfair in my humble opinion.. 
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