My 4 creatures power rating reduced after todays redguard update

My 4 creature power rating was 3012 before redguard update, but now its reduced to 2957.kindly resolve
My player id is 94778170-ab2d-4800-ad6b-5cb61bf6e495, on android  game version


  • Hi MarkHawk, kindly help to restore my gloomfang, dazzle paw, rock gronch and tusker power rating to 3012.
  • Hi, is there a fix for this to restore back my original power rating ? 
  • Gururaj.  Do not be discouraged but just from playing this game a long time the devs tend to reshuffle things especially since new critters need to be factored in.  Having played real PVPs in the past, I observed that overall, all critters, upgrades are essentially same potential probability as any other and just counteract each other in different ways. Therefore when new critter or piece of clothing or eqiupment introduce, stats are reshuffled to level out playing field for new critter, clothing or equipment, etc.  it is up to player to decide what stats (strength, block, growth, shape, etc) player think is most important for the critters they play and continue on.
  • Bedazzle, that's so sad on the players end when they strive hard to win difficult campaigns to win coins, idols, gems to come up with a strong 4 combination team which is rendered to a lower level, the reshuffling stuff should atleast tend to reward the player with a different aspect when they tend to reset some player attribute. And also my A Team(gloomfang, dazzle paw, rock gronch & tusker) did not include any critters, and why I was the one only affected, i didn't here anything hamper to any of my guild members? 
  • Lol. Gururaj. Gloomfang, DazzlePaw, RG and Tusker are all critters versus yourself which is an avatar.  Perhaps your guild members not really watching combined power rating of their A team. I do not cuz I know it is relative.  Also I think either or both gloomfang and or dazzlepaw were boosted (given more power then normal) temporarily.  
  • Bedazzle, The gloomfang dazzlepaw boost thing was way back, the power alterations that took place was when they were not boosted, my dazzlepaw and tusker were toe to toe in power 824 & 826 respectively , now dazzlepaw power got reduced considerably nullifying the munnin idol which i slotted for it to go far the 824 power mark, now the what's the point to craft idols when a new creature entry is going to destroy it within? 
  • You tend to lose some sort of enthusiasm when balance changes bombard your power with back to back blows, the first one actually nullified the muninn idol which i slotted for dazzlepaw.

    I mean you track and perform balance changes for cheaters, why do you do it for honest players who play with dedication, it feels like the devs have abused us via the game. 
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