Dear Developers

We are not stupid. Stop thinking we are.

Your current train of thought seems to be focusing on how to make players spend more money on the game. That is the most wrong path to take if you want your game to live in the long run. Do you want Legend of Solgard to last through the ages and still be a top game 5 years from now? Or do you want to see it wither and die by next year?

Do you want a few fat cash cows pouring their dollars on the game to be "kings" in it, or do you want millions of players each paying a few dollars on the game?

Currently the game heavily favors the few cash cows. If your goal when creating this game was to milk some cash cows during a short period of time and then let the game die then by all means, you have achieved your goal. The perfect chinese P2W game model, its what they do. Make game after game after game and let them all die once the milk runs dry.

Or do you actually care about Legend of Solgard? If you do, then its time to change your way of thinking.

Thanks for reading.


  • Thanks for the feedback Tarayun,

    I'll pass this on to the game studio.

    - Mark

  • The amount of gold you win is not sustainable to increasing your creatures abilities or level up. Once you have completed the campaign then all you have left is bounties and the random rainbow or hunter games... oh and if you want to not get anywhere then fight in the arena... boring! New creatures is not what i need b/c i can barely get all of my creatures past level 4 with the scraps of gold i manage to win in one day of play. It’s depressing and I’m starting to want to play less and less... btw i’m level 20 in less than 5 months so not your average player here complaining! 
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