Looking for lvl15 or higher active players

hi all. Tag#BOZQH. Looking for lvl 15 or higher active players who looking for long term guild.  We need 4 more committed players.  We are ranked 365 from 480 last season.  With your fun loving help we can rank lower than 200 next season. Come join us and reap the benefits of a fast rising guild !


  • Hi,

    I’m currently in a guild but I would like to join yours ! I’m lvl 16 and I play every day. 
    Here is my account : El Tanko
  • level 16, play every day
  • Hi all who are interested in joining. Great to hear. To change guilds click on guilds icon. Click info and find your Avatar name. Click on pencil if not Officer then click to be removed from present guild. Click again on guilds icon then click on Find and enter tg# then click on join. (I think that is sequence. You can always ask the squirrel)
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