Stonefist ability Not working reliably

The ability of the New creature stonefist (i hope that is its english name) is Not working reliably. when I combine the creature, the Animation of the ability is shown but 75% of the Times it does Not deliver any damage.

you cannot even finish the Demonstration Mission of the ability as you deliver no damage and get destroyed by the opponent.


  • Yes, it ist very anoying ?

  • Thank you for the feedback,

    The Stone Fist is meant to be strong against "constructs". This means; walls, ballistas, catapults, pots but also rocks, logs and weeds. This means that if there are no constructs in the 3 tiles in front (left, center, right) of the Stone Fist, the ability won't have an affect. 

    Be sure to try the Stone Fist on levels with a lot of constructs or if you want to bring down the walls of your opponents in the Hero Arena or Bounties to allow for your other creatures to attack unobstructed.


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