Dismantle & Remove of Idols

Good day! I wished to seek clarification on the dismantle and remove of idol for my creatures. 

1) It is possible to transfer the idol to another creature?

2) Will I lose the current idol if I use dismantle or remove? 

3) If I have a better idol and would like to install to a creature with both idols attached, what is the best way? 

Please advice. Thanks.


  • Hi Lew Kar Keong - and welcome to the forum. Don't know if I get every question right, but let me try to help:

    1) Yes it is. You have to remove an idol first and then put it on another creature.

    2) If you remove it, you don't lose the idle. Only if you dismantle it. Therefor you get a little reward but I recommend not to dismantle an idle though they are usefull especially since we need more different creatures now.

    3) You simply remove a bad idol and put another in. Notice, that you have to buy a hammer from the shop to remove an idol. Hammers cost 100 diamonds, but you can wait until you get 3 hammers for just 250 diamonds. There was a one-time-event where 5 hammers have been only... 350 if I remember right.

    To put it in a nutshell: You can remove and switch idols by using the hammers, that are not very expensive, but you should decide wisly anyway. Don't change the idols to often because there might be cool events you should save some diamonds for.

  • Behold my power of thread necromancy! Arise thread! LIVE! mwahahaha

    But seriously now, where are those hammers? Gimme my hammers. They are not in the shop, maybe they used to be?

  • Right there with you Tarayun. I'm waiting to see a hammer myself. Anobody else seen hammer since the big update?

    (Boy I hope that you won't have to use diamonds to buy them. As hard as idols are to get and make, to charge us for moving them to other creatures would be overkill.)

  • Hi guys,

    I've heard from the game studio that the hammer will be available in the shop as daily deals. It will only be available if you're above hero level 15 though.

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