Meaning of battlefield symbol?

I must have missed this in the early tutorials.  There's a common marker on the campaign battlefields, a sort of slanted pale blue square, with two icicle corners, with a circle in the middle. A creature can stand on it, but nothing obvious happens. I have been unable to figure out what it does. 


  • Hi SylvanFox,

    The blue square indicates where the enemy will move next. You can use it for your strategy, especially for your creatures that doesn't strike in first round ;-)

  • Thank you Mark, but that's a different symbol. I'm going to try to upload a screen shot. I've cleared my creatures from the area, which is near the upper right corner of *my* side of the battlefield. 

  • The image attachment feature isn't clickable,  so here's a link to a copy I uploaded 


    A file has been shared using Link Sharing. Oct 10, 2018)

  • I think that I've figured it out. It seems to indicate a space that's being targeted for attack.

  • I had a look of your uploaded image and yes, you're right - blue indicator is where enemy plans on attacking.

    I've added your image here in case other players comes by this thread.


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