Help me about guild promote pls.

I was editing my own created guild. Kicking the afk and who don't make donations to the guild. Then i saw someone nicked "Frostrowz". He was new and donated 150. I wanted to make him Officer with promote. But when i i do that, he becomes leader. that was weird. i asked him in the guild chat but he is offline. not in game for 1 week. i can't manage my own guild. pls make me leader again and i i wi be more careful after this. thank you.

Here is the guild images: My nickname is "traffics" Image 1 Image 2


  • Hi there Doğukan!

    You'll be able to promote members to become guild leader but it is not possible to reverse the promotion. Only solution is to keep an eye out for Frostrowz and then ask him to promote you back as guild leader.

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