Game took my gold away

I decided to upgrade my hobling power stone, however when I clicked upgrade, the game took my gold but the creature didn't upgrade, at 415 gold, it was a quite expensive upgrade so I'd like to have this fixed

My player ID is



  • Hi there Teasel,

    Thanks for telling. We'll do a check on your player account on what happened.

    Update to follow.


  • edited August 2018


    can i play normaly in the meanwhile or should i just leave it while it's checked?

    to give more details, the hobling is at rank 2 with the 2nd (growth) stone upgraded, when i tried to upgrade the 1st stone (power) the animation played but the stone remained uncovered, i didn't lose the 65 soul gem required but the 415 gold required disappeared, i'm not sure if the game gave me the XP or not

    all i'd like is to either have the 415 gold back or the hobling upgraded+exp to how it should be

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