New Update ideas!

Hi Developers, I have a crazy idea for the next big update hopefully you will be like it! - New UI into the game! This UI in the game right now is very old from the first alpha in the game! I hope you will change a lobby a little bit to be better! - Fix the crash issue! A lot of people are suffering this problem, me too... I am testing this game in a Strongest phone have a 3gb ram and it's pretty fast than ever but after 20 minutes of the gameplay and the game is crashes and I don't understand, hope it will be fixed with the next update! - Please, Release World 5: Niflheim! I like how the game beautiful, when I trying to beat Måni's The Moon God! - New Hero Arena 3.0! You have to made a Real-time PVP in the Hero Arena! It's really awesome feature make the Game Mode even better, just like Clash Royale and it's pretty great! - Made Nykva (Hel) in Boss Arena! When you try to made World 5: Niflheim! You have to made the world 4 boss in the Boss Arena with great Rewards! - New Game mode: Mini Boss Arena! - Made a Graphics bad in the lower phone! This idea is super cool for a lot of people have a bad phone like me... try to play the game even smoothly! - With a daily bonus! How about a daily spin, just like similar to Candy Crush Saga, on this spin you have to get sun gems, coins, tickets, or even diamonds and Ability Dust, and trying to made jackpot for a lot of rewards! - Made Connect to Facebook for invite a friends or sand energy or even if you gonna made a Real-time PVP Hero Arena, You have to putting a Friendly Battles... just like Clash Royale too..! - Made a rewards better in Campaign Mode or Underworld or Treasure Caves or anything each I'm level up my Embla! This is all the idea i have it right now! If you like it please tell me anything and please made it! ? Let's RAGNAROK!!!??❄ Thanks, MightyWolf


  • Hi there MightyWolf!

    Some fine ideas there that I will pass on to the good guys in the game studio. You never know.. some of them might already be in the making ;-)

    Please tell me the phone model with 3GB RAM you tested with.

  • I'm test a lot of phones!

    I'm test my father's phone which is Condor A8, it's pretty strong one! Iphone 6 and 6S and Samsung Galaxy J7 ! See not only my phone is doing this, that's because of the game is freeze a little second and it's crash with no sense! I hope you will understand now and thank you very much Mark for tell me that a lot of ideas will be happening in the next update!  Please tell me anything about it and please please please made a graphics bad on lowest and budget phone and of course for my Samsung Galaxy J2, then I can run the game smother than ever. Just like similar to Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Soda Saga, tell me again if you like to made this feature too. 

    Also where is the next update? It's gonna be next week or later?!



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